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Rent a car with driver or without

No doubt that renting a car becomes a must nowadays for most of us, and the reason for renting is different from one to other.

All of us ask when decide to rent a car some regular questions as:

  • Car category?
  • Car model?
  • Best renting rate?
  • Best renting duration?
  • Which company to rent from?

All these questions and more most people get in consider,  but you ever ask yourself “ when I need to rent the car with a driver and when I need to drive it myself ?”


Let’s discover together the difference between the two cases:

Renting companies provides to their customers not only cars, but also services and facilities.

One from these services and facilities  which most of people forget is the driver.

Renting a car with Kayan Car Rent does not always mean driving it yourself. You can make a choice in favor of comfort and safety by booking a car with a driver. At the same time, you will get rid of unnecessary worries, relax and enjoy the views of the city. While moving to your destination, you will have time to prepare for an important business meeting or chat with your companions in a relaxed atmosphere.

The service of renting a car with a driver is much more profitable and convenient than a taxi if you need to catch several places in one day, because you don’t have to wait for a car every time and pay for each trip. This is ideal for guests of the capital or for people who are not ready to drive a car for some reason.

*Advantages of renting a car with a driver:

  • Making an optimal route. If you need to visit several places in a certain period, the driver optimizes the route. Using the service of renting a car with a driver, you get to your destination in time, without rushing anywhere and standing in traffic jams.
  • Additional equipment for cars. Discuss all the details with the company representative. If you need to install a child seat, equipment for transporting animals or a Wi-Fi router, company staff will quickly prepare the car.
  • Convenient payment: An order for a vehicle with a driver can be paid in cash or by credit card.
  • Flexible choice of rental period and tariff.: A car with driver can be hired both for 2 hours (minimum rental period), and for a whole day or longer. You can choose how to pay the rent yourself: at a fixed rate (if you need a one-time transfer between two points), hourly (for movement within the city) or for each km , Rental prices are shown in the quotation provided by the rental company .


Purposes of car rental with driver:

  • Meeting at the airport and transfer: You can easily book a car at the right time by phone or online
  • Car rental with driver for events. for weddings, business meetings, conferences, seminars.
  • Business trip to another city. The tighter your schedule, the more preferable it will be to rent a car with a driver: you can make an important call or prepare documents without being distracted by driving a car.
  • Touristic trips: to visit several Touristic places, it is better to rent a car with driver as you will not know the place if you are a foreigner.
  • VIP’S Pick up : If you have vip visitor or customer, it will be professional alternative to pick him up with luxury Limousine with a driver, first impression ever .


All the above lines we talk about renting a car with driver, let’s take in the following few lines about

cases you will need to drive the car by yourself :

  • When you are going for road trip. with family or friends.
  • When you are going for vacation .
  • Your personal car is under repair.
  • You prefer to drive the car yourself.

We covered all the major points which make you able to decide if that option to rent the car with driver suites you or not.

If you decide to rent the car with a driver make sure that the company you rented from Apply occupational safety and health requirements as Kayan car rent do due to Covid-19 pandemic for your safe.

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