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Suitable car for your rental purpose:

Even renting a car from trusted rental company is difficult, choosing the suitable car for your rental purpose is more difficult due to various rental reasons, the variety of cars categories and variation in their rental rates.

Let’s see together the different categories of cars, the purpose they are suitable for, advantages and  disadvantages

*Economy Cars:

When you have a limited budget and trying to save you will have to spot on economy cars as they are the lowest in price. Economy cars may not be the best option for long rides and whether you are more than three people as these cars are generally very small in size, engine and have limited features.


*Compact Cars:


If you have bigger budget, go for a compact cars, These vehicles are not much bigger in size, but are considered a higher class category for the type of cars offered.


*Mid Size Cars:



The size is not the only reason to classify the car as a mid size. You may think when choosing this category that you will get more spacious cars than those in the compact category but the fact, the vehicles may be of the exact size but it is the features that are upgraded.


*Full Size Cars:

Rent Mitsubishi Lancer



These vehicles are Being spacious cars and considered a smooth drive,  Another pro to this category is the fact that its fuel consumption remains within the acceptable range.


*Premium Cars:




When budget is no longer an obstacle, and you are more looking for a smooth and comfortable ride you will want to go for the premium category. It offers comfortable seating with big space for luggage, these cars are great choice for business travel or leisure.


 *Luxury Cars and Convertibles:



Definitely this the perfect choice if you plan on pampering yourself or you are picking up someone for business.

also professional choice for  weddings, you will find in that category a car match your wedding style to be stylish in that dreaming day.




rent hyundai tucson 2020


Great choice for families, SUVs are subdivided into categories as per their size, from mid sized, standard to full size. Depending on the number of people travelling and space needed, you can decide on which one to opt for.




Rent kia carnival


There’s only one category you can look into when you are a very large group of people travelling together. Mini vans can accommodate up to nine passengers. While Full Size Vans accommodate up to fifteen passengers.

*Buses & Minibuses:

rent toyota coaster


When it comes to employees transportation, buses and minibuses is the most suitable alternative, as you will transfer all your employees in short time.

choose between bus or minibus according to your employees number.


Now you have all categories explanation, the best type of car to rent depends on the type of your trip, your budget, and the number of passengers.

At Kayan Car Rent you will find a big fleet  with all above above categories.

Finally Kayan Car Rent advice you to choose well a trusted rental company which has a wide range fleet to face all your needs.

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