Pick-up from airport tips

Once you decide to rent a car to pick you up from the airport, there are some tips you must know.

These tips must be clear for you for a hastle free renting period.

In the following lines Kayan car rent will show these tips in the shape of questions and clear answers.

What’s the best time to book my rental car at the airport?

  Many people don’t realise that choosing the right pick-up time for their rental car really matters. Being late means the car might have gone,So when you’re

Allow extra time if:

booking your car online, it’s worth being as precise as you can about when you’ll arrive.

Car pick-up times are always local to where you’re renting. So bear in mind the time difference between where you’re booking vs where you’re travelling to.

How long after the flight arrival time should I book the car? 
  Allowing a little more time than expected to get through arrivals means no stress if there’s a minor delay. Arriving a few minutes early is less of a problem than arriving late. Most rental companies will let you take the car early if it’s available.

As a general rule, leave 45 – 60 minutes between expected landing time and the car rental pick-up time. If you’re travelling short-haul and have only hand-luggage, 30 minutes might work.

You’re hiring a car from a large airport:
You might have to walk further to reach the rental counter. You may even have to travel to a different terminal, or catch a shuttle bus to the rental desk.

You’re hiring a car in high season:

When you’re travelling at a busy time of year, there are likely to be queues at passport control and baggage may take longer to arrive. 

 You have checked baggage:

Yes, if your plans change a few weeks or days before you travel, you should be able to change the pick-up time.

How long will the rental car wait?

Car hire companies usually have a ‘grace period’ during which the car will wait for you. The period varies between 29 minutes and 2 hours. After this time, the company might rent the car to someone else.

What if I know I’ll be late?


Checked luggage can take a while to reach the carousel. With hand luggage only, you can walk straight past baggage reclaim.

 You’re travelling with children;

After a flight, kids may need some time to relax and move around before the next part of the journey. 

 The rental counter is outside the terminal:

You may need to take a shuttle bus to get to the rental company.

Can I change my hire car pick-up time?

Call the car-hire customer service as soon as you can to let them know you’re delayed. You should find their number with your booking information.

 If you complete reading the previous tips, you are now aware with most important tips for airport picking up to enjoy your rental. 

Don’t forget as Kayan car rent always remind you to choose the rental  company which safety instructions are applied due to Covid-19 pandemic for your safe all