Renting cars for corporates and teams

Renting cars for corporates and teams 

If you are a business owner, decision taker in a large institution, company or office even you are a team leader,you may ask How conveniently is renting  cars for work?

If you are one of those you must know that it isn’t a lightly taken decision, especially considering employees safety.

Why do corporates need to rent cars ?

Companies, factories, offices and large institutions heading to rent cars for many reasons as:

1.     Reability and safety: Drives of rented cars are well trained and obligated to be responsible, The drivers arrive at the agreed time to pick you up and get you to your destination on time while maintaining good driving attitude. This makes your satisfaction a necessity, so you and your client can relax and focus on your official task. 

2.     Create work time: The time you spend in the car can be put into better use, Car services offer a fleet of luxury cars to keep you comfortable while you make phone calls, reply to emails, or make preparations for a presentation. These are things you cannot do when you drive yourself or find difficult to do in a regular cab.

3.      Good image and impression: Renting a reputable car service with exquisite cars and well-trained drivers is a big plus to your company’s professional image. It gives your client a great first impression at meetings that take your business seriously.

              The driver will pick you or your client up at the agreed location and ensure you or your client                         .             receives high-class treatment. The success of any career is on the level of its professionalism.

4.      Availability all time: Most corporate car services are open for rent 24 hours all the week. No matter what time you make an arrangement, they will be at your service.

5.      Control employees time in and out: Renting cars to transport your employees to/from working place is a good alternative specially if it is far from down town, it makes you sure that all working hours are focused on work as no one will come late because of traffic,this means that they all will come work and leave on time.

Things to consider when renting corporate cars:

Once you decide to rent corporate cars,the logic next step is checking the renting companies to choose the suitable one. When doing so Kayan Car Rent advice you must keep the following points in mind.


1.     Check the company corporate review: make sure that the company has positive corporate online comments, choose an experienced and reputable company with numerous references.

2.     Check the company history:  company that has operated for years must have a good operational history.

3.     Check how are the drivers trained: make sure their drivers are thoroughly trained. Just being a good driver is not enough for professional white-glove service or to trust your and your employees’ safety.

4.     Check the company’s fleet: Make sure that the company owned a wide fleet with different cars categories as Different occasions call for different types of luxury cars and a corporate car transportation company should have several options in their fleet.

5.     Check the alternative solution when car break down: Accident or breaking down may happen any time, so choose the company which have back up plans for critical situations.

6.     Check the prices:  Don’t forget to check the prices as you will pay for long period, choose the company which balance between prices and services provided.

7.     Check the customers service option: As it becomes a proper, make sure that the company’s customers service is available 24/7 for any help,request or complain.


Now you can safely choose the suitable company for you according to the previous points, and don’t forget to make sure that the company you have chosen apply precautions due to Covid-19 pandemic as Kayan Car Rent do for your employees, your clients and your safe.