Rating your Car Rental Company

To rent a car it is too easy,but if you are looking for hastle free renting period you have to rent from trusted rental company. 

To know that the company is trusted you have to check several points as:

·       Company's name.

·       Cars Variety. 

·       Agreement.

·       Customers Service. 

·       Company's Reputation. 

No doubt that Reputation affects Company’s name as every customer rate the company through his personal experience positively or negatively.

Since Rating is an important task, Let’s know together how to rate the rental company fairly. 

You can easily achieve your evaluating task by following below tips:

1.     Booking service: first you have to check how easy is the booking including how easy is achieving prices and how accurate the company send to you. Also through how fast the company finalize booking documents. Give rate according to how easy,accurate   and fast is the booking. 

2.     Customers service: good companies have strong customers service for any request, explanation or complaint, also for booking confirmation and following up even after your trip for feedback. Rate through how far customers service cover their tasks.

3.     Rented Car: Check how far is the rented car match the booked one and how clean, comfortable, well maintained and also sanitized is it. 

4.     The Driver: if you rent the car with driver, the driver should come in mentioned time, also he has to be well and clean uniformed .

Don't forget to rate the driver attitude and hospitality. 

Covering these basic points will let you being fair in your rating, don't forget to be honest in your evaluating as most companies as Kayan Car Rent taking the issue seriously as the company name and reputation depends on your evaluation.