Renting a car for first time

Have you ever rent a car for any reason?

If your answer is no and you will rent one for first time, then that guide will help you a lot. 

First let's check the benefits of renting a car in brief:

1.      Reability and safety: Drivers of rented cars are well trained and obligated to be responsible, The drivers arrive at the agreed time to pick you up and get you to your destination on time while maintaining good driving attitude. 

2.      Create work time: The time you spend in the car can be put into better use, Car services offer a fleet of luxury cars to keep you comfortable while you make phone calls, reply to emails, or make preparations for a presentation. These are things you cannot do when you drive yourself 

3.      Good image and impression: Renting a  car service with a well-trained drivers is a big plus to your company’s professional image. It gives your client a great first impression at meetings that take your business seriously. 



4.      Availability all time: Most car rentals services are open for rent 24 hours all the week. No matter what time you make an arrangement, they will be at your service.

5.      Forget about insurance and maintenance fees:  no need to think about both insurance or maintenance fees as they are the company’so responsibility.

Now let’s start the tips:

1.      Choose the suitable car to rent: here you must ask yourself “ why I need to rent a car?” according to your answer you will be able to choose the suitable car, Car type needed varies according to the reason .

    People rent a car for many reasons as:

·        Weddings 

·        Special occasion 

·        Road trip 

·        Spending weekend 

·        Vacation

·        Your car is under repair

·        For your company

·        To pick you up/off from the airport 

·        etc..  

according to the reason choose from the car types as:

·        Sedan 

·        4×4

·        Van

·        Economic 

·        Luxury 

·        etc...

2.      Specify the pick up date, time and location:  you have to be clear with yourself and with the rental company,not to arrange everything and forget to set a specified time then all your arrangements go in vain.

3.      Car with driver or without: don’t forget to Specify you will need the car with a driver or without, this also will depend on your renting reason and your preferable. 

4.      Choose a trusted rental company:  yes, there is a lot of rental companies but believe me it is not easy at all to find a trusted one

   Kayan car rent advice you to check the following points to make sure that it is a trusted one:

·        Check the company’s name reputation (choose the one with good feedback from customers )

·        Car fleet (choose the one that have a wide fleet as good companies have variable cars)

·        Customer service (Choose the one which have 24/7 service as only good ones take their Customers service and feed back in consider and have alternative plans for any contingency)

·        Agreement (choose the one with clear agreement items with no hidden fees)

   Now you are aware with most tips of renting a car and can enjoy  your first hastle free renting.

 Kayan Car Rent remind you to check the company procedures against Covid-19 pandemic for your  and all riders safe.